Core patented technology + Internet background + self-built production system to ensure controllable technology, quality and cost.

Strong professional barriers are significantly different from traditional electric vehicle manufacturers or emerging Internet brands.

Rich experience in R&D and production of shared bicycles, electric two-wheelers and electric scooters. Efficient operation system, the development cycle of an EBIKE can be increased to within one month Core patented technology, Internet thinking background, Self-built production system.

Power-assisted motor electric control + shaft drive, superior to user experience, productivity and quality assurance.

Top high-end bicycle R&D expert team
Invented the Mobike shaft drive bicycle from zero. Design, R&D, and production, the founding team joined the whole line, and the legend continues.

The technology, R&D process, production system, and quality standards of the automobile industry are integrated to the two-wheeled vehicle field, creating a new high standard in the industry.
  • Low-loss shaft drive mechanism
  • Magnesium-aluminumalloy integrated forged rim
  • Ergonomic check
  • Fast-moulded body structure
  • Tubeless and inflatable tires
  • Automotive R&D process
Top industrial design experts
Won 17 international top design awards such as Red Dot, IF, G-mark, IDEA, and Red Star Design Award Supreme Gold Award.

Long-term cooperation and running-in, high-level and high-demand supplier selection criteria, Build Hongji's world-class supplier system to be solid and unduplicated.

The first-class cost control ability allows Hongji manufacturing to reduce the cost by about 13% below its peers.

Leading production coordination and capacity
improvement capabilities in China, can quickly respond to large-volume orders and small-volume special order requirements.

Annual production capacity of 1 million vehicles, and room for improvement of annual production capacity of 3 million vehicles.

R&D, raw materials, production, quality inspection, assembly, packaging, logistics, after-sales, etc. The entire process quality control prevents problems before they occur, and strive for perfection; Awareness of product optimization from top to bottom, reasonable suggestions from all staff, employees actively discover problems and participate in product improvement.
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